Monika Opalensky

I am so grateful to have found the TT and this amazing video course. Thank you for developing this life-changing peace work and thank you for the big work to provide it to people all over the world! As a psychotherapist working for almost 30 years, I am quite familiar with healing processes and various techniques, but with the TT it feels like arriving to the roots of all healing. Doing the video course two times (and certainly I will do it a third time) my view on animals, plants, mankind and myself has definitely changed. My watching and listening sense increases and my trust in life with all its challenges deepens. I agree to a previous comment: you should get the peace nobel price! With greetings from Austria a short funny story about „TT revers“: I live in a small village far away from main roads. The duck familiy (belongs to the farmer) often sits in the middle of our small road, having a chat or just chilling. Going to work by car, I have to stop after a few meters. The ducks look at me, giving me the present moment like: „Don‘t hurry, here and now you can be peaceful!“ Slowly they get up, walk a little bit to the side and continue their chat or sleep. Very relaxed they send me to my work with a big smile on my face. This is also TT ;-}