Natasha Hale

This preview Messages of Trust course into the Foundation Course is phenomenal. I am really looking forward to becoming a practitioner - and not for the title or work opportunities, but because I truly believe this approach is the missing link for any animal trainer/handler. There are a million different training methods out there, especially in the equine world, but none of them can tell you HOW to communicate and HOW to be the teacher your animal needs you to be. I have never purchased a training technique specifically for this reason. It made no sense to me to attempt running when I couldn't even crawl. We as humans have to learn HOW to teach, not just go through the motions and expect spectacular and lasting results. I doubt I will ever have the stillness of spirit that James has but I am very eager to learn how to be the leader and friend my animal needs me to be to have that magical connection. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.