Pamela Brunner

At first I couldn't figure out how to understand creative reaction. I watched the videos and saw how James and Shelley were so quiet in the presence of the animals in question. I am a very thinking person, perhaps we all are. Having suffered from panic attacks years ago during which the process of thinking and worrying made my situation worse until I learned to face, accept, float and let time pass. (Dr. Clare Weekes) It took a few years to follow this practice but I realized how the over-thinking made my panic worse. I suppose accepting allowed me to think less. I found realization learning clearer and trusted cooperation, the aim of it all, easier to follow. The final extra exercises, learning how to be still through my body, slowing down my thoughts were really helpful. As I mentioned I will be collecting my puppy in two weeks and want to get to know her and treat her with respect. I want her to trust me. Many thanks for these wonderful messages and videos. You mentioned that you occasionally give tutorials in Europe. I live in Switzerland and would greatly appreciate having the opportunity to being able to benefit personally from such an event. Thank you for this eye-opening experience. Pam