Philippa Scott

Your timing is perfect! Thank you James & Shelley for being the wonderful, caring people that you are! This is a great overview and has helped consolidate some thoughts for me. You have inspired me to revisit the video course. We had great success with the technique(s) with a very aggressive kitten (Arnie) who had wandered quite a distance before finding us. I was already using the technique with another cat who had been abandoned and was very easy to work with. He already felt trust in me so this furthered the relationship by helping him to let go of some things and feel more peaceful. Arnie, however, systematically attacked everyone on a daily basis for months. We felt we needed to help him (not everyone has patience & we didn't want to think he may be PTS because he had a difficult start ). His thinking levels were rarely below a 6/7 and often around 8 or 9, and it took quite some time to get his levels down below 4/5. Unfortunately I guess I stopped once he was "good enough". He is mostly around 4-6 these days but still attacks maybe once a week or fortnight, but not with the aggressiveness he originally displayed (still draws blood though). He generally comes to me for a daily cuddle, during which I observe his actions and make my mind peaceful to lower his levels and he looks settled quite quickly but probably only drops to a 2. I see I have a bit more to do so will carry on! I'm sure he'd pass on his thanks if he knew it was really coming from yourselves. 🙂 Huge thanks, love & joy xx