I've completed Parts 1 & 2 of the Messages of Trust, but have not yet signed up for the TT Video course, a) because I need time to digest the information and it's language, and b) because as a pensioner on a restricted income, nearly £300 is a very big chunk of my monthly income. As a former Trainer, I appreciate however, the time and effort that's gone into the course creation, the excellent structure and layout of the website, and the huge amount of support material. The thing that I have found so fascinating about TT is that James, his partner & team have created an easy to digest formula that encompasses the key points of learning from various well established psychotherapeutic modalities, of which I have studied 4 to advanced level, Psychodynamic, NLP, CBT and Hypno-psychotherapy. I worked as a volunteer Integrative psychotherapist for almost 14 years, and after years of study to gain this knowledge, am astonished at the synthesis, accessibility and simplicity of TT. The TT method takes the core knowledge from psychotherapy, and some of the tools and techniques of Karl Rogers, psychodynamic & person-centred therapy, CBT and NLP (and probably others I didn't study), and transforms them into a learning tool suitable for the layman, in easy to understand language, and with practical exercises to gain mindfulness (being calm in the present moment) and a CBT method of de-sensitizing trauma. The video clips I have seen so far helps to make the theory "real" and really bring home the message that trust is the essence of any productive relationship, be it human to human, human to animal, or animal to animal. Without trust, basic learning is very difficult, and deep spiritual attunement and higher learning is impossible. I have long felt that some of these tools could be used with animals and did apply some of my former learning successfully with our previous rescue, transforming her from a very anxious girl to a calm, placid, sweet natured dog. But it took quite a long time. We hope to do the same with our next rescue, but faster! Thank you James for the excellent starter course (a refresher for me), and for the great work you do. Are you sure you weren't a psychotherapist in a previous life?!!