I have been very privileged to have exposed to the Trust Technique. I was taking the course for my senior cat, Woody, with multiple health problems. He was an outdoor and indoor cat. I had evenings to introduce him to the Trust Technique, and he would always curl-up to sleep on his scratch pad, after lots of brushing. Over time, he seemed to want generally desire more company from me. He had to have his tail washed daily, as his sebaceous glands required 'squeezing'. We used butter as his reward. Usually he would run away quickly, afterwards, but after working with the Technique, he would stay and have a body scrub. He was doing very well, taking all his medications, when one Saturday morning, his hind legs became paralyzed. He was in a lot of pain, and we sadly had him euthanized two weeks shy of his 17th year. He was so distressed with the pain and the journey to the vet, that he was panting, and I was unable to calm him at that time. However, I feel that he benefited from the Technique with the short time I had to work with him and for that I am so grateful. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the teachings and videos, and constantly wish I had been exposed to this many years ago. However, every time I listen to the teachings and watch the videos, my heart has been touched with the beauty, sensitivity, patience and insight that James brings to animals in distress to enable them and their owners to work together as a team. The Trust Technique is compassion in action.