sandra aebi

(First of all, sorry for my english.. 😉 ) Hello dear friends, After having watched more than half theTTC courses, i can confirm that i still have a lot of pleasure in watching them and learning... Although the technique seems very simple and repetitive, sit is each time richness and adapts to each situation. James is fantastic and caring. Josh the cameraman who accompanies allows us to watch quality videos.. I'm deeply in touch by all the stories. All are reflecting what we are, think and feel. Our animals friends who accompany us throughout our lives are generous, act like they always want to make us happy (even if sometimes it doesn't seem like it) and take often a lot on them. I remain very humble to see such a beautiful Intelligence... Unfortunatly, that hasn't been always the case.... My first dog, named Urkan, was a beautiful strong beauceron. The dog educator often told me to dominate him otherwise he wouldn't respect us.. The education techniques were often agressive and rude....I was so wrong to follow his advise.... both Urkan and i weren't very confident and it was very difficult to stay peaceful....we had often issues with other male dog... not because Urkan was not well educated but more because of his lost of Trust, and especially my lost of Trust..... 🙁 Now Joya is our dog since 8 years. Education was totally different ; based on a lot of patience and kindness. This has given to us the chance to share a beautiful and close relationship full of Love and trust. The Trust Technique gives me also the opportunity to resolve some issues that i had for almost 8 years with Joya, coming from her earlier age before we adopted her and of course from my owh problems which amplified the problematic... The TT is so easy and in the same time so profound and intense. I've been meditating since 20 years, very early in the morning during 1 and half hour but very rarely took i the time for a mindfull moment for my dog (andi i...;-). The benefits are indeniably efficient and work still even for other moments in the day or more... More i do it more it becomes evident... it interacts of course also on my life directly and that's cool !!!! :-))) Since 8 years Joya and i have both a very priviliege relationship: she is my best friend and we understand each other very well. All the friends and people who knows or meet us think that it couldn't be in a better way. But i must admit that The Trust Technique is allowing me, since i practice it - approximatly 1 month- to see a very positive evolution in the way that Joya and i are no more " attached / dependant" to each other in a way of needyness but far more by more Love and respect. I give her more space and she does the some regarding to me. We are no more in waiting something from the other and so we don't loose anymore so much energy.... To conclude, i definitly recommand this Technique and courses not only to each responsable person who lives issues with their animal friends but to other people who wish to deepen their relationship. This technique is non-invasive, respectful both for the animal and the owner. More easy it is and more powerful it is also. After all these years it's the first time that i feel so much pleasure to "educate" or better to teach my dog and myself how to know eachother and communicate in a better way. Take time mindfully and practice the 3 PPP : patience, persistance and peacefull