Sara Scott

My overall opinion is there is a wide range of experiences demonstrated, with good narrative to follow the concepts step by step through the 3 principles. This has provided a good demonstration of the technique to practice with confidence. If you can couple that with other techniques or theoretical understanding, eg. Meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis, psychotherapy, Reiki, natural horsemanship, Trust technique brings a greater depth to your interactions with horses and sets a beautiful pathway for sentient relationships. I was brought to tears by many stories shown in these videos and reminded of many similar stories from horses in my lifetime. Although I have been fortunate to have worked predominantly in this way with horses, I can think of many rushed moments with horses that have ended in frustration and regret. To quote a great horseman ' give a task an hour and it will take 10 minutes, give a task 10 mins and it will take an hour' The joy of working with your own horses first in this practice is you soon find you can enter a peaceful state within a couple of breaths. The healing power of breath is amazing. Peace and Release. Namaste.