Sarah Hanna – Ellis

The trust technique is the missing piece in my life, both on a personal and a career level. Having started with the messages of trust( MOT), I was truly blown away by the contents within the video course and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants the best relationship with their own animals, whether large or small. The course is well set out into easily managed sections and I would frequently revisit the corresponding tutorial after watching specific consultations to consolidate what I had just watched and remind myself of areas I may have missed during the first time of watching. Reading through other comments, there are suggestions for an in between video course as the gap between MOT and TT video course (both in content and financially ) is huge. ( not including the animal communication course). Another way could be that as new consultations are added, some of the older ones could be archived into a separate section at the end, available to all who pay for the course but only needing to be completed as a prerequisite by those going on to the practitioner level. This keeps the video course manageable for those wanting to concentrate on their own animals, whilst reducing time/cost/management of another course. There are also some subtle changes in your practices from the first consultations, which though useful in a historical context may not be as valuable for day to day video course member usage working with their own pets. I would also champion the use of the forums for questions and queries and make use of the practitioners giving their time at the end of the video course to further your own knowledge, understanding or for help if you come unstuck on a technical issue. The Take Note pop up I used initially but found it didn’t always work well for me on all screen orientations or equipment I used, that said I am a confirmed pencil and paper girl as that works best for my head. Thank you James, Shelley and team for putting your time, energy and life into this worthwhile course and personally I am looking forward to progressing to the next level- training as a practitioner and all the benefits it will bring to me personally, my animals, my family and my future clients.