Scout Wilkins

This is a deeply transformational course. I work with people more than other animals at this point, although as a naturalist/guide I have been around animals all my life. What I have become deeply aware of and fascinated by is the animal inside me, and its way of being in the world depending on whether it is trusting or terrified. As a coach, I have used this idea for several years, to help people understand their motivations and choices in a new light. What this course has done for me is two things: First, it has brought me to a place of being able to enter the hall of mirrors inside me where all my thinking and judgment lived - allowing me to let go, and heal inside myself. Second, it has given me a tool to calm myself and stay calm, so I can be a truly trustworthy guide for other people, whether I am guiding them into the Utah wilderness or the wilderness of their own unconscious. Third, there's a spectacular gift in being able to get peaceful and trustworthy enough to have almost magical interactions with a bighorn sheep I meet up with now and again in this canyon country. Thank you, James, fro the bottom of my heart. This is the most profound and important training I have ever received.