This is my sweet adoption from a rescue and his name is Nugget. I have only had him for a couple weeks. I have a mare I named Snow White, She was given to me, was neglected and green that quickly became his buddy. She bit me the very first day I fed her. She would charge my children and try to bite them, she would kick. I was already working with liberty training, and a lot of affection to where the mare had warmed up to me and we really started to bond, but I could tell she still didn’t like any type of ground work. She would pin her ears and do it, but not happily. She would also follow me just about anywhere I went until I brought Nugget home, and then it felt like square one with her again. I started doing this TODAY twice and the horses would just stand completely relaxed as close to me as they could be. My mare didn’t nip the other horse, they would yawn and be completely content. Snow White and Nugget will both willingly leave one another In the pasture when they are together and follow me without stalling to wait for their friend to catch up. Before this, they were almost touching at all times. Nugget then rolled, laid for a second and got up right next to me. I had to take a picture of him, especially with it only being today I started. That was the first time he had rolled near me at all. I can see a HUGE shift in them once I started being present and not having expectations, thoughts or self-doubt. I told just about everyone about it. So amazing! I have done all sorts of mindfulness, Christian yoga, body work, meditation, but I always closed my eyes and I would find my mind wandering. When I had to focus on a spot, it clicked! That’s what was missing, especially when we realize psychologically how connected our eye movement is to our thinking. I just love it, and I am so excited to continue in it. I would give it triple the rating if I could.

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