Simone Mancuso

Love, love, love this program. I am so grateful to everyone that was involved w/ creating this video program of the Trust Technique. I have a rescue dog that has many challenges from her experiences when she was a pup. We have worked with many top internationally renown dog trainers and I never really felt like we were addressing the core of her anxieties. I even had a vet recommend putting her on Prozac and I can honestly say, there were many days that I was ready to give up and put her on it. I even went as far as getting the prescription filled. But now I no longer feel the need. Now that I have found the Trust Technique, she has been making tremendous progress and I'm confident that we will be able to overcome all of her challenges. I don't know what we would have done if we had not found this truly amazing and inspiring program. Not only is the TT amazing, the way the online program is set up is top notch. The videos are in bite size chunks so it's easy to make progress even if you only can squeeze in 30 minutes at a time. The buttons on the videos where you can go back or forward 10 seconds is also super helpful. I've done many video courses and this production is second to none. The videos of the consults will bring tears of joy to any animal lover's eyes. What these animals were able to overcome using the TT was simply amazing. As an added bonus it has improved my tennis game. I'm able to stay focused on the ball and keep my mind calm during and after points. Who would have thought that what I'm doing for my dog would help my tennis game ­čÖé