I started my journey with Trust Technique because I was curious about the method. I am a Yoga facilitator/Reiki Master and love to work with energy, so this was an obvious choice in my search to find a way to best help a 10-year-old blind deaf pug that I rescued 3 years ago. Rocky had spent his life being doted on by his previous owners, he was their baby, until one day his owners got too old to take care of him. They had to either re-home him or else have him put to eternal rest. And along came Suz! Rocky was very confused, anxious and insecure when I brought him home, and for a year, life was very difficult, he'd become very anxious and distressed trying to keep tabs on me all day! It became dangerous in the kitchen, he was always around my feet. So, finding a way to help me to help Rocky would be or so I thought, a task. But, this add kept jumping up on my laptop.........I loved this approach, it looked like the perfect answer, and, I didn't even have to go looking, it came to me! despite Rocky's blindness and deafness, he responds well, I do have to practice with him every day in order for him to fully feel secure without being attached to my leg! And even in the evening, I get present in order to calm him so he can relax by the fire, and I too can do the same! Thank you James for your gentle guidance. My next challenge is to work at socialising my daughter's collie with my cat, that should be fun! Blessings Susan.