Susanne Helgesen

This should be mandatory for anyone dealing with animals. The people and the approach and technique is profoundly beautiful and I 100% resonate with all of this. Over the years I have had several dogs. Some of them have been trained the 'old' way where it was all about being the leader and boss. They all turned out to be wonderful dogs. Despite my approach so that says a lot about these beautiful creatures ♡ As I evolved and remembered who I was it also completely changed the way I interacted with and treated dogs (and animals in general). I chose to become a dog trainer where our focus was on training by something similar to mindful regard. Meaning only positive approaches and rewards were used. And we actively used and paid attention to the dog's body language and calming signals. So when I came across The trust Technique it immediately sparked an interest. Even so I have used forever to go through the video course but am soon finished. I have not practiced working with dogs for ages but coming across all of this may very well trigger something in me to take this further. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS OUT INTO THE WORLD ♡