Trust Technique came along at a time when my animals were all behaving in a manner that was aggressive. I have miniature horses as one family of three and the mare was a rescue, whilst the stallion was a purchase from a friend. He is now gelded and been the best dad to his son and they have all lived as a family from the birth of their baby. Along came an Arctic Dog from a good family but from a couple of other dogs in his family. One is aggressive and caged by law, which breaks my heart. My Arctic was developing deep aggression to my horses and I didn't know how to control his jealousy. The horses were difficult at feeding time. The result thus far by using this beautiful technique has been 3 calmer horses not pawing the ground whilst I am feeding, nor bullying as much as the buckets are placed at meal times. The arctic is now accepting that it is their space and is peaceful. Whilst I haven't finished all the work required, I am daily using these techniques and seeing an incredible difference. It is also the missing link to an animal communication course I have attended but been unable to complete as I felt there were missing connections for me with the animals. I intend to take this technique further into education as it works in the most serene way possible with results clearly visible. I will also pass this to my Arctics previous family for the caged Bordeaux to be healed and released into a happy life. The funniest experience I am having with all of this is I keep falling asleep watching all the videos !