I started off unsure. I have delved into various styles of training but the holy grail, to create my trust in my horse Connie and for her to gain trust in me, has kept eluding me. The first message felt a little overwhelming and at the beginning I approached it with an attitude of needing to be convinced. The more I listened I started to become interested and then motivated. I have an excellent connection with Connie but I don't trust her. Not because she isn't trustworthy but because of my history with other horses and my overthinking. The more I listened to what James said the more it struck a chord. Connie and I are both anxious personalities so it was a self fulfilling prophesy when obstacles arose and our relationship crumbled. I feel this will be the way to show me how to connect with Connie more deeply but, far more importantly to me, it is going to help me trust her and, in turn, for her to trust me. Let the journey begin.