Una Beaumont

I've just completed the Trust Technique Video Course for the second time and was able to understand and appreciate so much more the second time... Animals have always played an important part in my life and I've had a wonderful career as an equine therapist. Throughout the course there have been many "Ah Ha" moments when I now understand the response, feedback, feeling, intuition I was experiencing from different horses over the years and I am so grateful to James and Shelly for this new awareness. Using the Trust Technique with my two recently re homed dogs has been invaluable in helping them settle in and support them with any issues that they are carrying/arise. I don't always know the history/details around these situations, but I can now create a safe space for them to feel peaceful and gradually release. Thank you James, Shelly and your team again for all the time, effort and excellent teaching content of this course which is truly inspirational and I highly recommend:).