This course is more then amazing... and I would say it is Heaven-sent! The technique is so wonderful on so many levels. Not only does it bring the very necessary peace and help to our animals. But as 'giver' of the Trust Technique it also brings healing, peace and insights to ourselves and shows us what we are capable of as human beings. Its magical in a way and at the same time something that comes natural to us. Especially now during the lockdown(s) learning the Trust Technique is such a blessing! Giving me something to focus on and at the same time creating and practising a peaceful mind. Which is in my opinion the most valuable thing you can have! Now my cats even recognize James's voice and peaceful vibes when I play the videos and come lie down next to me for some healing energy! Animals are so smart and sensitive! Thank you James & Shelley for sharing this profound technique with us and the animal kingdoms! Love, Vanessa - the Netherlands