Veronika Dangl

I came across a video ad about the Trust Technique while struggling to raise a kitten, something I had no experience with. I signed up for the "Messages of Trust", and then the Video Course. Even though in the process the decision was made to re-home the cat, working through the Video Course at a slow pace has helped me tremendously with understanding how to build a relationship with an animal, and to find peace with the situation. It has uncovered many layers of unresolved emotions and helped with the healing process. I am eternally grateful for this little cat to have come into my life for almost a year, and the challenges that made me find this Trust Technique Video Course just at the right time. Although I do not have any pets at this point, I would love to take the journey further, as I can see that it works on humans (and the wildlife where I live) just as much. Highly recommending this Course!