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Video Review

You’ve seen the I Have A Dream video. Now we want your help!

Together, we want to create a new video – We Have A Dream

The video will contain video footage, images and video testimonials from all our course members from all over the world! We want it to show off the very best of the Trust Technique, which is you.

How Can I Be A Part Of This Video?

Take note of the guidelines below:

  • Please only provide footage/images of you working with your own animal(s).

Image Guidelines

  • Upload a maximum of 5 images.
  • Please make sure the image resolution is at least 1392 x 1024 and high quality.
  • Make sure images are no bigger than 10MB each.
  • Please make sure both you and your animal(s) are in frame of the image.

Video Guidelines

  • Only upload up to 1 minute of footage. This can be continuous footage or edits or multiple clips.
  • Please record in High Definition (minimum 720p) and with a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.
  • If you are doing a testimonial, ensure the sound is clear and loud enough.
  • You could use your phone, tablet or webcam to record footage but please make sure it follows the guideline above.
  • Before you record, please make sure the environment is light and presentable.

Please note – There is no guarantee that your footage/images will be used and if it is, it may be edited.

Fill Out The Form Below To Upload Your Footage/Images

Upload Your Images & Videos Here(Required)
Simply select your file(s), click Submit below and wait for the content to upload!
Please try and keep the collective file size to below 100MB!
My images/video can be used for:(Required)
Click all that apply.
By clicking Submit, you agree that the Trust Technique Ltd have permission to use the content you have uploaded for any marketing or inspirational purposes related to company procedures.