Trust Technique Sponsorship Request

Welcome To Our Sponsorship Program

The Trust Technique Sponsorship is a program to help individuals learn the Trust Technique by helping them financially own the video course for life.

The video course is already great value with over 50 hours of video tutorials and animal stories. These videos clear show you how to work with the technique and develop your animal-human connection. This is about building trust and connection not just with animals but also other people and yourself. It is wonderful for resolving issues and also to inspire new possibilities for you and your animals.

Although it is great value some may struggle financially to start the program and this is what the sponsorship is here to help with. We believe that this information needs to be accessible for all.

We are particularly interested in helping those that are currently supporting animals or who are starting a career in animal care.

This is our way to build Trusted Cooperation with you by helping you become a Video Course Lifetime Member and share the magic of trusting relationships.

Below you will see a sponsorship request form, please fill in the form and we will review your application and send you a large discount to become part of this growing community 🙂

What do our current members have to say?


The Trust Technique is one of the best things I have learned in my life. I am a Reiki teacher and Theta Healing practitioner. While those modalities are great within themselves or in combination, I always felt something was missing. Now I found the missing PEACE!
For 30 years, I have had animals and have been involved in rescuing cats, dogs, and wildlife. I wish I had known what I now know earlier. (…)
As a next step, I would like to take the practitioner course. (…)
James, Shelly, and the rest of the team, thank you so much for putting that course together. I can only imagine the work and hours that went into painstakingly cutting and editing the footage, putting together the course, and breaking everything down into small, comprehensible steps for us to learn. I think I’ll start the course all over again ….
Much Love and Light


Hi my name is Kim, I am a riding instructor and immediately started using the trust technique with my lesson horses. One in particular had started spooking with riders who were hesitant(which most beginners are). I think the hesitation feeling made the horse so uncomfortable it caused him to bolt, the last thing you need with a horse that gives lessons. I started his retraining with what I had learned in the course even though I had just started the course. The horse quickly learned how nice it felt and it would only take seconds for him to go into present moment. I would even use present moment when I was riding if I felt tension in him. Stetson, the horse, is back to giving lessons and if he gets nervous we do a bit of present moment and go on with the lesson. I don’t think without Trust Technique I could have gotten Stetson safe enough to let beginners work with him like I have. I am truly amazed how this technique calmed this horse down. This course is a game changer for my lesson and training program! Sincerely Kim


This has truly been the best animal course I have ever taken. I have never resonated with the Alpha method of training. I have had many dogs in my life and horses. I wish I would have had this knowledge when I was a horse girl!,
James is a gift to humanity. His insight into the intelligence and emotions of animals and people is profound. I have so much gratitude for this knowledge and I have begun to slowly work with my three dachshunds. I can see the difference in them already. I am so inspired by the charities mentioned in this course. Soi Dog and Animals of Asia. It is so beautiful the work that James and Shelley and all those amazing volunteers are doing to help so many tortured animals. I am considering taking the practitioner course. This is information the world needs to embrace. Humanity has been so cruel to so many animals for so very long. Things need to change as they need to in almost all earthly matters. This is part of our great awakening! Thank you for this life changing thought provoking course!


Absolutely fascinating this technique and its loving approach. I enjoyed every second of each video (and still am 😉 and was moved to tears more than once. If I could beam myself into the future, well, I’d be travelling around, teaching the Trust Technique and helping animals and their people. To my mind, it definitely helps to make the word a better palce 🙂
Thank you so much James and Shelley (and Team ;-)!


I am finding the techniques in the TT video course to be inspirational – the methods just seem to fit. My dog is reactive to sound and movement, which is stressful for all involved – the TT methods are helping her, plus my husband and I cope . Sometimes progress may seem slow, but we now appreciate that her pace is the correct pace, so will keep on going.
It started as a training course, but has become a way of life.