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This course has been life changing for me and my incredible friend and teacher, my dog Janssen.At the age of two het was extremely traumatised during a visit at the vet.Ever since I could not take him to a vet any more.Nobody was able to touch him.Then I found this "natural" vet who also communicated with him and she told him he needed acupuncture.That would have been absolutely impossible without the Trust Technique.I practised it for some months with him and when it was time for the acupuncture I used it to calm him down and he let her put 3 needles.It was incredible and really made me cry.A few weeks ago he left his beautiful body and during his last few months the Trust Technique has been a beautiful help to absolutely enjoy our last time together.James, you are such a gift to this world, the way you work with all these animals, all those beautiful video's.It feels like coming home, sharing this beautiful space together with other beings.Thand you so much for this incredible gift James and Shelley.You make my heart sing 💫💓💫

I have been working with these videos off and on for a year. Each time I go back in, I learn something new. I have to say that watching them is very soothing to something inside of me, and always evokes a peaceful response. I can honestly say that this course has been maybe more helpful with own life traumas than perhaps for my anxious dog, BB. Perhaps not, as she now comes to find me when it is going to storm and her anxiety begins. Always more to learn. So I continue studying over and over. Thank you James and Shelley!

This course is simply incredible. I have been communicating with animals since I was fifteen, and learning how to be peaceful and silent with them is equally vital to being able to hear them.It calms them (and me!) right down, and my oldest and wisest horse absolutely loves it, she soaks up the peace like a sponge.I have been able to use it to resolve disagreements among the animals, anxiety, nervousness and simply as a way to quiet our minds for a good heart-to-heart talk.Thank you so much James for sharing the tutorials and numerous case studies with us.

I am blown away by this course! I always knew there was something missing in my communication with my horses and the Trust Technique is definitely the missing link! Thank you so much!!

by Barbara Smerzi on Trust Technique Video Course

I recently ordered James' Animal Communication Training CD set.I was pleasantly surprised of how effective and inspirational his training is. Not only James is extremely talented, he also has the skills to effectively transmit his gift to others. Learning animal communication with James is very easy and fun, besides being extremely soothing. While listening, I can actually feel his energy just as he was sitting in the same room with me. And, I'm not kidding, my three dogs feel the same.Honestly, I have no words to describe the admiration and respect I have for James . He is truly my hero, and his contribution to this amazing planet is huge. Thanks, James!

Totally awesome. Have gone through the material once, and am now starting over again. It gives hope for a better world, makes me feel good, and I want everybody to do this course. My cats love it too. Fantastic value for what is given.Thank you so much.

I am loving this course. It feels so good to be present with my cat. I am a lifetime member even though I just have a cat to work with because i believe you are a gift to us and animals. Thank you for developping this simple but powerful technique because you are helping to take suffering out of the world . You have a very important mission and I am greateful to have found you and to be a part of it. If ever, you would like to Montreal Canada, contact me , I can help you organize your stay. Hoping to meet you some day, till then much love to both of you and to all the animals around the world!

This video course is a miracle! I've studied a lot through my many years, all different methods and courses of working with animals. This far exceeds anything I've seen, studied or readbefore. I feel very blessed to have discovered this site and James. Thank you!

Although I have had this course for nearly a year now I have only just started it as I have been moving to another country !I am loving it but taking it slowly to absorb everything,I have always been interested in communication with animals and attended a workshop once, but i must say this is the only one that has kicked in for me !Thank you for being here !annie

just started, and watched the intro on how to use the course. I was quite anxious about using 'on-line' method but having seen how to navigate and explanations of how it works....feel more confident.... and so inspired and excited to here goes...

Dear James and Shelley,This course is absolutely brilliant, it is very easy to understand and makes life better for animals and people.Thank you very much that you made this video course.I agree with al the other reviews that are written.

This course is even more amazing that I thought it would be! I’m learning so much valuable information and practical ways of using the Trust Technique. The instruction is clear, logically presented and includes many fascinating examples and case studies. I’m enjoying going slowly through the course, revisiting parts for a deeper understanding and progressing at my own pace. The video materials not only teach the content effectively, but they are inspiring and heart-opening in themselves. I can’t recommend this course highly enough, it will bring you a much more profound understanding of the animals around you.

by Sharon Morell on Trust Technique Video Course

I am at the beginning of your course, however this is not the beginning of my journey to discover the Avatar connection with animals. It is my passion to develop a special bond and connection with the animals that I am fortunate enough to meet, I am looking forward to learning your technique, I have been very impressed by what I have seen so far.

by Scout Wilkins on Trust Technique Video Course

This is a deeply transformational course. I work with people more than other animals at this point, although as a naturalist/guide I have been around animals all my life.What I have become deeply aware of and fascinated by is the animal inside me, and its way of being in the world depending on whether it is trusting or terrified.As a coach, I have used this idea for several years, to help people understand their motivations and choices in a new light. What this course has done for me is two things:First, it has brought me to a place of being able to enter the hall of mirrors inside me where all my thinking and judgment lived - allowing me to let go, and heal inside myself.Second, it has given me a tool to calm myself and stay calm, so I can be a truly trustworthy guide for other people, whether I am guiding them into the Utah wilderness or the wilderness of their own unconscious.Third, there's a spectacular gift in being able to get peaceful and trustworthy enough to have almost magical interactions with a bighorn sheep I meet up with now and again in this canyon country.Thank you, James, fro the bottom of my heart. This is the most profound and important training I have ever received.

I am developing my ability to do less and create more! - more trust and understanding and also more being instead of doing. These videos are allowing me to absorb your technic myself - before I offer gentle stillness to an animal. its a beautiful experience. Thank you . I have seen Ares and Bella and Grace twice now and I have turned down the sound so I can focus on the body language as well as melt into the moment. You will not be surprised to hear that I cANT STOP YAWNING.

Dear James and Shelley, Thank you for sharing your unique gifts, they are like no other. You are so kind and generous, and I'm so grateful that you are on a mission to make life better for all animals. I agree with all the reviews and I don't want to repeat what has already been said. I would like to comment on the videos of Fanta. I enjoyed, using your framework, observing Fanta change within the physical, emotional and spiritual areas. He was so frustrated and agitated in the beginning. He then became playful, happy, peaceful, curious and joyful. My heart nickered when I saw him transition from an unconfident horse into a confident boy. Loved the way he used his entire body to strut along the path. Well done Heather! Thank you for being vulnerable. James & Shelley, looking forward to seeing you Down Under in Feb.

Excellent, each video just gets better and better, really inspiring not just in my work with animals, but in my life as a whole. Video 19 on Intent, resonated with me particularly and has given me a clear insight into the importance of Intention. I don't use the word Awesome often, but this course really does inspire Awe ..... truly Awesome. Thank you

by Barbara Corrison on Trust Technique Video Course

This is a magical course. Every video is absolutely engrossing and left me feeling happy and peaceful. James's patience is unwavering and the animals obviously trust him completely. I am truly impressed. I have started using the technique on my rather nervous whippet who seems calmer after just a few sessions. I feel our relationship is deepening by using the information on this wonderful course.

just wonderful......I'm finding this version of the video course is much more comprehensive and also easier to follow. I'm going through it all over again and getting even more out of it than I did the first time. This time I find I'm working on my own issues much more......and it's paying dividends in terms of peaceful dogs . Thank you so much for putting this out there.....

Hello James and Shelley,what an amazing course you have provided. The web site to learn it all from is really excellent. I do not have any animals of my own right now but one day when I stop travelling it will happen.What I love is the method you use to gain the animal"s trust and how they respond. It is so heartwarming to see how they move from being fearful to being able to relax with humans again, and absolutely wonderful to see abused rescued animals knowing peace and enjoying life.The way you work with energy so resonates with me in how to move in everyday life and situation. The latest video "Intent" a powerful example of that. Thank you so much for what you offer. Barbara

by Betti Doherty on Trust Technique Video Course

The first video course I have done. I was a little sceptical -purely because of myself, I thought I won't be motivated enough on my own to go through the full course. What I think now, having completed the course that it is one of the best way to learn new skills when you are on the other side of the world yet feeling so connected to the subject. I loved how it helped me to organise my own time, create a routine and keep up with my own schedule in order to stay in tune with the subject but without any pressure or stress to achieve what I wanted from this course. Thank you James and Shelley for making amazing efforts with the films (I know, as I used to be working as a documentary film editor. It is not always easy), creating a user friendly website and to involve anyone who is open to learn. And finally, after completed the course (approx 9 months) we rescued 3 dogs who (and us) benefit so much of everything I learnt here. Many thanks, again for your work!

Happy New Year to all. I am new to the course and am LOVING IT! It is an added layer to my knowledge and experience.James & Shelley......thank you for finding a way to share your own knowledge, intuitiveness and sensitivities. It makes perfect sense to me that the animals on this planet have been grossly misunderstood by humans. It fills my heart with warm fuzzies ☺️ And joy that you have recognized this, found a way to open the door and then to share this with those who are of like mind.I'm so blessed to have found you. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the videos and listening to the tutorials.🙏🙏🙏

by Liane Reynolds on Trust Technique Video Course

JamesI love your videos you are showing how to get comfortable with the animal and gain their confidence through clearing your mind. I have found this helpful while practicing Reiki. I took the The Connection by Eric Pearl and that is how he heals with a clear mind and letting his hands go where they may. When I come in my room and listen to your course my dogs fall asleep. I do not have horses so I am going to temporarily skip to section 5 where it talks about dogs. I love all modalities of healing and animal communication.Liane Reynolds

Have started watching videos. Totally enjoying them. Very much in line with my own mindfulness and TRE training, practice, and the teaching I do. And learning much more already. Thank you – continuing…

Just started the course after a busy Yuletide and practicing 'being present'. It is a very powerful technique for self empowerment - a big thank you to James - I am so looking forward to continuing on this journey.

Wonderful, wonderful course. It resonates with me so deeply, and I have used it with my cats with great succes. I have found a deeper level of peace in my life. I love it, it is the best money spent ever. Maybe even considering becoming practitioner in the future 🙂

by Leanne Thorne on Trust Technique Video Course

I can not express how much I love this video course. Everyone just makes my connection with animals even more dramatic. The simplicity of shifting an animal's energy when I listening and then do the exercises presented by James is beyond belief. Even when I see it with my own eyes. Love this every day I experience another exciting connection of trust with the animals around me.

by Joy de Pominville on Trust Technique Video Course

I am going through the course a 2 nd time. I was completely mesmerized and blown away the first time and stayed up late many nights watching the videos. This 2nd time is helping me reinforce many of the details and content and fine tuning some points for me. I don't have horses of my own, but have volunteered for 4 yrs at a rescue, in between traveling in Europe and the UK for a year at a time. I have used the trust technique not only on horses, but cows, sheep, goats, birds, dogs, cats and the best part was with myself to be peaceful when my monkey mind would begin to go sideways. It has helped me with my energy work with people as well. I am deeply grateful for James and Shelley for sharing their gifts with the world and esp. the animals. The world is in a better state because of your efforts. Mille grazie, hvala lepa, muchos gracias, arigato, danke shoen, dank je, obrigado, multimesc, THANK YOU!

by Jude McDermott on Trust Technique Video Course

Wow, but I absolutely loved this course, I couldn't wait to carry on to the next session as each one ended! As the course progressed I felt I was being taken on a journey, a journey of patient knowledge being given for learning to give and receive trust and understanding. Thank you

by Diana Taylor on Trust Technique Video Course

Loving every minute - learning from the tutorials and then watching the case studies. We have just adopted a rescue cat who is very scared of people and will not be touched. He is gaining confidence every day now that I am using Trust Technique with him. I cannot touch him yet, but I have a feeling that it won't be long before I can. Everything just feels so right.

Been waiting for this all my life - a way of connecting and communicating with animals that is so easy-to-understand, so easy to see, to feel, the results.....

by Jane Roberts on Trust Technique Video Course

I am about half way through this course and it is absolutely amazing, what I have learnt in a short amount of time is fantastic, to be able to watch James in action on the videos is brilliant, this teaches me so much. I have had some lovely moments with our new cat, who is very nervous, she is very wary of human beings, I know it's going to take a long time to gain her total trust but without the trust technique I would have to question whether we would ever gain her trust. Thank you James and I am blessed to have been told about you!

by Leanne Thorne on Trust Technique Video Course

Clear and calm presentation. It makes me feel even more excited about joining James and Shelly in helping people and animals connect.

by Jill perkins on Trust Technique Video Course

Only just started but very easy to follow and so much information. I am signed up for lifetime membership great value thank you

I've only watched your introduction and your free videos so far, and am about to embark on the full course. What you do just speaks to my heart, and feels absolutely right in every way. Thank you!

Hi James and Shelley.I just started the course, but so far I am delighted to all the work that you have done to help those animals in need. I wanted to help you guys and here I am and I am very glad I did.I just took some time to be in the moment with my horses and I wish I had it on camera, but it would not be the same. So I had a very WOW moment. (WOW moment is a moment that I have no words for). Yesterday I did the same with our 2 dogs and yes they fell asleep. Another WOW moment, so I am very grateful that the universe has shown me the way to this powerful tool. Thank you and keep the good work.

I truly cannot find words to express how right the trust technique feels to me and what a transformation it is bringing for me and my animals. I realize this sounds a little big but I think it’s accurate: to me the trust technique, James, Shelley, and this community represent a leap in consciousness and it brings me to tears to think about how beautiful this is. I’m pretty sure the ideas in this course can and will heal the world.

I absolutely love this, it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this gift. I feel it could heal the world

by Joke Freijsen on Trust Technique Video Course

Thank you so much James for the gift of the Trust Technique. It resonates with every cell of my being, telling me that I'm born to support this sharing of your beautiful present ( in time and space) gift to alle living beings....I love all course movies...tears are often rolling over my cheeks from happiness and compassion..wishing that more and more animals and human beings can experience this free state of mind creating the bridge between our animal brothers and sisters in an authentic way of how we may experience the world within and without, with this joyous peace of mind...what a grace! bless you all, team Trust Technique !

Fantastic, I'm looking forward learning and understanding the trust technique.

Without wishing in any way to sensationalise it, I think the 'Trust Technique' and the course format is incredible. The large-scale potential in its simplistic power offers tremendous hope for the accelerated understanding of animal sensitivity and communication, filling a void which currently the world screams for. "The time is now" resonates powerfully, and my overriding feeling is one of deep gratitude for its inception via James's innate and intuitive gift, and for the strength that has allowed him to present and offer it to the wider world. It is a humble honour, and a great source of comfort to have become aware of such a tangible form of hope for the progressive development of our relationship with the redeeming qualities and inextricable beauty of animals.

I am only part way into the course but already i see a change in my dog and myself. The trust technique is helping us both to be calmer and more stable. I'm very much looking forward to the next lessons

Just finished the video course and am so grateful for the healing that came along with the teaching. A lot like the dog Morgan in the last part, I have spent the better part of 64 years so shut down around people, even family due to a violent first 5 years. Animals were my comfort zone but most of my relationships with dogs and horses were very needy and still can be. However, with the TT I am now learning what it means to take responsibility, use regard and the present moment to deepen our relationship and give the animal courage and confidence in order to be able to handle what life dishes out! And blessing of all blessings, the TT has begun to work the same for me!! My relationships with humans has improved in so many ways. Most of all, my confidence has come up enough to be able to regard my own needs, personality and character which in the past I didn't allow. Moving forward, I can envision my life and relationships with both humans and animals blossoming into something beautiful and inviting to others in need of this help. My prayer for all of you, James, Shels and all of my companions on this way is that we may be able to share peace of mind with all we come in contact with. God bless you all! Susan Lumen

by Bettina Böttcher on Trust Technique Video Course

Hi James, I think this course is absolutely wonderfull! 👍🏻I just love it!😍 It's beautifully made and the videos are lovely! It's a pleasure to watch and easy to understand! Thank you, very much!🤗

by Pia Schiller on Trust Technique Video Course

I have just started the course and I think it's great. The course take me step by step inte this this fantastic technique. I can do the course in My own speed, I can go back and forth, it suits me perfect.

I am in the process of soaking in and learning The Trust Technique. Wow! I am simply amazed at how the videos were filmed/created to bring one to where "you are right there experiencing the "present moment"; I can actually "feel" myself healing along with the animals.I am excited about the Trust Technique Video Course, as I have begun to recommend to my friends. This is just the beginning of a beautiful journey. Thank you James and Shelley! Much love and appreciation, Cristi

Really enjoying the video course, I am going through it for the second time, it has proved very useful and informative and i am using it alongside my other healing therapies. Thank you for setting all this up for us to access, not everyone can afford to come and do the hands on course but this video course is so very healing to watch and gives a great insight into the trust technique. Thank you both , blessed be.

" I have this same dream !" James is so down to earth in his character, as a student, I do not feel overwhelmed with " getting " what he is explaining. This awareness state of being " present" seems so logical but as humans we make things so complicated ! James brings us ia world of " REALITY" with his " unthinking tips" The website is VERY EASY to navigate and professionally created with diverse tutorials, followed by examples. I too have been able to be " present" with horse and dogs to have them " relax, release tension" and YES LIE DOWN. This is the most magical contact we can have with our animal kingdom! JAMES !! THANK YOU !!! Lets share this with everyone on the planet and we can make this more symbosis living with each other !!

A huge thank you to you both. The Trust Technique is magical and compliments The Journey work I do perfectly. The knowledge I have gained from TT has given me a stronger and more respectful connection with animals. I love the invisible lead! It was such a joyous and pleasurable course I was sad when I completed it. With love and gratitude.

by Kim Thornberry on Trust Technique Video Course

Such a talent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing you gift. Forever grateful.

for all my life my human-animal-world has been flat - now that I finished this course I know that it is round! an eye opener, a heart opener, enlightenment in the truest sense - and the greatest gift anyone could give to their pets. I can't express my excitement, awe and gratitude for James' and Shelley's work. thank you guys so much for sharing. this course has changed my life, and I mean it - far beyond the deep changes in the relationship with my horse, I was enabled to let go of so much baggage... and my whole life seems to change rapidly since...

by Alexandra de Groot on Trust Technique Video Course

I really love the Trust Technique video course. The tutorials are very clear, and the videos are enlightening to both animal and human behavior. It has truely deepened my understanding of how animals and humans 'work' - starting with myself. I find this approach very grounding and it has added much depth and clarity to my former training in and practice of meditation and communication. Many thanks to James and Shelley for sharing this inspiration approach online. I hope to make it to the UK someday to do a workshop 'in person'.

by MacKenzie Ryle on Trust Technique Video Course

I've been lost in my life; not knowing what it is that I am supposed to do. I have always felt an overwhelmingly deep connection to animals, but I have never been sure what to do with it. Recently I have started a career in dog training and have been working closely with condemned aggressive dogs. Something clicked for me while working with a particularly reactive dog that led me here. I don't have words for it yet, but this course speaks to my natural disposition and talents and I am beyond excited to explore and develop with this program. Thank you, thank you!

I am so delighted to have found this course online. I have been praying and intending it and now I am starting something that is as close to my heart as I am. Sofar I wish to thank you James for speaking in such a pace and clarity. Although my english is quite good, being mostly raised with english as a second language, it help me understand and learn in a better way, with ease. So not only four legged animals like the vibration rate slower....I do too. Thank you Shelley and James for this course, its trutly a wish come true. I look forward to each and every moment of it! Shalom

by Lisa Baechtold on Trust Technique Video Course

James and Shelley have put together a truly wonderful video course. It's insight is truly invaluable. It is wonderful to get a new and different perspective on things. We have met them in person at a workshop and they are BOTH "the real deal" I am very happy to have them in my life. Thank you both very much! We look forward to seeing you both again in October for another workshop!

I can’t express into words how the TT touched me. I watched every video with amazement and gratitude and will watch them again and again. The gentle way of the TT completely resonates with me. Seeing the evolution of every single animal in the video is so heart touching. So beautiful and wondrous to witness all the progress that these animals made. Its so clear to me that all animals and their people/environment should be working with the TT, so that peace is an evidence for all.Thank you so much for helping out so many animals and teaching the TT all around the world.

by Sara Holman-Howes on Trust Technique Video Course

It is both humbling and heart-warming to have the privilege to explore this understanding, not only to work with it for the benefit of our dear dog - but to be able to recommend it to others. And so lovely is the experience of sharing the present moment in nature! We could not have imagined we could be closer, but it is with awe that I perceive a deepening relationship of a different kind in the dog I always thought I knew so well. I love the process. It is so beautifully simple, and subtle ~ yet so powerful. And so poignant is it to be reminded how our animals, through their own struggles, are surely the greatest guides for uncovering and appreciating important issues of our own. Thank you James and Shelley for sharing your special gifts with a very grateful community of animals and their people. Clearly, it means so all of us.

by lesley Barnes on Trust Technique Video Course

I delayed submitting a review because I couldn't find the words to express just how good it is and how far reaching it has been for myself and my animals. The gift of the relationship I now have with my animals and the healing it has afforded in me I can only thanks you most truly for

On my second time of watching the videos, it is a great technique and works so very well with other therapies i use. Thank you James for giving all the animals and us this lovely form of healing. Blessings to you.

I have watched the whole series of videos and tutorials twice now and am just about to start them again for a third time! The patience that James exudes with the animals is contagious and I feel calmer just by watching him. I have used the technique on both my dogs and they do totally "get it", and I also tried with some blackbirds that were nesting on our decking and they too seemed to feel the connection - amazing! I will continue to use the technique with my animals whenever I can and will look to hone my skills as I progress. Thank you James!

So beautiful and touching

Thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring (although shed a few tears too)!

This is a must for all animal lovers and rescuers. This course puts together bits and pieces of knowledge and shows how to use them together giving the capability to heal animals and people.

My experience with James French has been amazing from the first time I saw one of his YouTubes on the Trust Technique. Everything he does is done with a deep devotion to you as the learner, the animal and care giver/owner. He regards everyone with the highest of respect, patience and compassion. He is passionate about his work and that passion is contagious! I would highly recommend The Trust Technique to anyone, animal owner or not as it offers a simple yet powerful way to create peace in one's life and the lives of others whether human or animal or both.

by carolyn mamchur on Trust Technique Video Course

Each time I watch your videos I am filled with hope and gratitude. You are reaching out to animals and people the world over. How many animals will have a better life because of you? Your work with the lions is so powerful. Many animal lovers can easily accept your work with horses and dogs.. but when they see that the trust technique works with wild animals, it is mind blowing. Congratulations and thank you.

by Maria Hennessey on Trust Technique Video Course

After over 30 years of working with horses and dogs a whole new world has opened up to me. The video course is exceptional . Every animal is different and observing James meet every animal on it's own terms and be mindful of what they need when they need it is mind blowing. So grateful I found you. The horses at the rescue farm I volunteer at are as grateful as I am. Thank you James and Shelly

I truly cannot speak highly enough of the Trust Technique. Thank you James and Shelly from the bottom of my heart for all the work that you do for animals and for putting in the time and effort to share what you have learned with others! I have worked with animals in varying capacities for years now but always felt there was something missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It turns out the Trust Technique was it! It puts into clear terms what I have always felt in my heart, and then shows how to integrate the animals' carers into the process as well. So profound and beautiful! Thank you and blessings to you! ~

Such a beautiful and heartwarming video. It truly touches my heart to feel and learn about the Trust Technique Video. I love helping animals dearly. But what is such a blessing, this wonderful technique is helping me HUGELY! Thank you and many blessings!~

by Carol Shannon on Trust Technique Video Course

I wanted to add to my previous review. I neglected to mention the benefits I've received from the Trust Technique have also been tremendous. It has made a huge impact on my life "as well" as my rescue Georgia. A fearful dog desperately in need of the present moment was rescued by a fearful owner also desperately in need of the present moment! Peace and Love to all!❤️

by Carol Shannon on Trust Technique Video Course

I first discovered the Trust Technique in February of 2016. I purchased the lifetime video course and watched and absorbed every minute of it. I couldn't get enough, this spoke to me like nothing else I've ever experienced before. I was fully prepared to travel to England for the level one training and saw there was a 6 year wait list. I am now eagerly awaiting the completion of the online practitioner training program so I can become certified. I am also watching the entire video course for a second time. My own dog is a rescue and in the past has been very fearful of many things. I use the Trust Technique with her daily and she has made leaps and bounds with her confidence. I've been a professional groomer for 34 years now and while time restrictions don't allow me to really "work" with my clients dogs when I'm grooming them, I can at least bring peace of mind, calmness and non reaction to my practice while I work. I'm so incredibly grateful for James and Shelley and what they bring to the world with their gifts. Their lights shine brightly 🙂 Love and blessings to everyone! ❤️

by Els van den Berg on Trust Technique Video Course

With some videos I became very emotional. This is exactly what I have been searching for ! You guys do a great Job !!! After the Practitioners Course I can start working with my clients on a totally different level. What I do now , does work and is very loving and gentle . But it is long term thinking ....and The Trust Technique is not a quick fix , but works really well and faster which benefits the animal tremendously and it's owners as well ! Thank you James ! You are a fabulous Teacher

I have take several dog training and animal communication courses here in the United States with some of the best teachers the world has to offer. Hands down, this is my favorite course and will be the most useful course yet. I have had many years of study regarding the human and animal bond as well as the subconscious mind and James French is SPOT ON! This course has brought me "full circle" and reminded me that we really are born with all we really need, and when we stay in the moment, we can go back to the peace and understanding we had before we became our minds became cluttered with the world as we have come to know it. I cannot wait to take the next course. Thank you so much to James AND the Trust Technique Team!

by Valerie Telford on Trust Technique Video Course

Finding the Trust Technique has been one of the greatest gifts and triumphs I have experienced! Peacefulness has been a goal of mine for decades and to know that I can achieve it so quickly and that my ability to achieve it in the presence of others has been the tool I've unconsciously been looking for - I call it a triumph because it "trumps" the unconscious manner in the way we move through life, typically rushed and in a frenzy - unconscious in the fact that we can have such a powerful tool to use that has such impact for good in our life and the lives of others and animals. A technique that is so "simple", powerful, quick and easy. I meditate regularly but finding out what getting present can do in an instant for humans and animals has been revolutionary for me and the animals I associate with, especially my own puppy, Oreo!

The Trust Technique Video Course has given me the means to build the kind of relationship with my horses and dogs that I have always dreamed of attaining but never achieved. I've worked with top notch horsemen and learned much but always felt uneasy about the coercion employed. No matter how gentle it was applied the means always felt forced. Though the horses complied brilliantly most practices didn't lead to the development of a deeper more understanding relationship. The Trust Technique opens channels of communication for mutual understand and collaborative engagement. I'm looking forward to completely the course and continuing the journey through other course offering.

by Kim McMuldrow on Trust Technique Video Course

The Trust technique....This video course teaches an individual a stunningly simple (yet many layered, I am realising as I deepen into its contents) technique, to help animals find peace of mind, as they release feelings and emotions which have trapped them in a place of fear. And it works for people too!James is an incredibly patient, gentle teacher, who shares this gift so openly. I look forward to the on-line practitioner course when it is available. In the meantime, I shall continue through the course, enjoying each moment of learning. Thank you James so much for what is truly a life changing experience.

by Caroline Bourdillon on Trust Technique Video Course

Trust Technique - just incredible. A simple technique which creates such amazing results. It is so interesting to watch how you relate to those you are helping. I have animals in my life - mainly horses and dogs - on a daily basis and alongside the Reiki I practice Trust Technique will be so useful. Very excited about this and look forward to the Practitioners course coming up. I shall continue to watch and learn. Thank you for the opportunity.

Very interesting videos that show vey well how to use this amazing technique. Ifeel very lucky to have found them. Thank you for all this.

by johanna Viig on Trust Technique Video Course

This stuff is Brilliant!My gratitude has no end. Thank you!

by Sue van Eesteren on Trust Technique Video Course

Seeing How the Rescue Horses Match James´s Peaceful Presence with their Own, Peace & Trust as they Relax & leave earlier fear based conditioning behind & even discover innate playfulness is so Beautiful & Powerful because of its simplicity, making it Available to Anyone who Cares Enough to Use it ... What A Gift for Us to Share Peace with each other & All Sentient Beings .... Thankyou James

by Michele Jane Burton on Trust Technique Video Course

Such a heartfelt video of Roger the Dog in Bali on so many levels; His story, the wonderful lady who gave him a home and your patient persistence in bringing the TT to him. I really felt connected with the moment and saw the immense power we all have inside to change the unrest, sadness and despair we see in the world. Peace brings peace, it is our highest calling. You have a gift you are sharing with the world, in service to so many beings.

Just finished watching Biscuit the cat. Wow James, what patience you have and what a beautiful result at the end of your session. I never tire of watching you and your gentle presence really rubs off! Fabulous videos, thanks so much!!

by Susan Barwell on Trust Technique Video Course

Wonderful video of Biscuit , it really showed the mindful regard that i wasn't quite getting and now i do, it was a perfect learning tool to see it work with Jody saying in and out helped to bring it all home , loved it so much Thank you James and Shelley love love love you both ♥♥♥

Wow, Bella..... filled with great joy that she was able to feel peace and love and great sadness that such a beautiful soul was treated so unkindly.. what powerful work you do. Thank you.

Watched the two latest videos, the cat and Roger in Bali. The cat one is most helpful because it's the first time I've understood the transitioning phase of "process." I never was sure what to do when my dog started itching, or rolling on her back, or looking around in another direction, etc. Now I understand it's a time for mindful regard. Thank you. As for Roger - oh my goodness. I never would have thought that animals are so mistreated in Bali. I always thought of it as an island paradise. So sad he was shot. But such a good thing to have had peace before his life ended. James and Shelley, you are the best. Looking forward to joining your on line Certification program. Help to build a new world. Shalom.

Just finished watching rescued dog Roger in Bali. It is so beautiful what you did for him in bringing him peace of mind in the final moments of his troubled life. You will always be blessed for that. Thank you James and Shelley and to all the tireless souls who work so hard in helping these poor animals.

by Susan Barwell on Trust Technique Video Course

I just watch Lady and Zack's video again for the 3rd time as i go through them all again, I just love watching the transition of lady and the dynamic between the 2 of them changing it is so beautiful thank you ♥♥♥

by Karri Gulbransen on Trust Technique Video Course

First and foremost, I am so full of gratitude for having the opportunity to meet and study with James and Shelley, in California!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful hearts and amazing gifts with us!I have been consciously seeking peace for over 2 decades now! It was such a relief to finally have easy, step by step help to achieving peace of mind! After many years of attempting and "thinking" I was failing at meditation-because I beat myself up every time a thought came through, I have learned that the thoughts can come and go!! I love the example that you are standing in a river and thoughts can come floating towards you and you just allow them to float by-don't focus on them and YOU ARE Practicing Peace of Mind!!! I can do that!!Namaste'

by Phylana Ladd on Trust Technique Video Course

Truly moving. I think I've cried at least some on every single video I've watched. I can NOT wait to meet you all in a week in NY!!!

I will be curious to see how this works on the raccoons in my barn! And of course my cats and horses, who have all had animal communicators talk to them (including myself).

by Sue van Eesteren on Trust Technique Video Course

For 20 years I have been searching for ´´Something´´ Gentle & Kind yet Enabling the Mutual Respect & Co-operation needed between Guide & Guided (Animal & Human) James´s Patiently Returning to Stillness & Peaceful Presence (Step 1 of T-T) is Now the Basis of my Communication with Any Sentient Being! So Much Easier than the many other Techniques I have tried. A Peaceful Mind (Accessible Only in Stillness) is the Only Thing that can Change the World says Eckhart Tolle Thank you James for making the Trust-Technique Available to Anyone who Cares Enough to Use it!

Just watched the Rehabilitation Field. Absolutely stunning! What a fabulous way to introduce rescued horses to a wonderful world of peaceful living! I wish every groom could watch this to see how sensitive horses are. Well done James and Shelley (again!)

by Marji Pearson on Trust Technique Video Course

Just finished watching the videos of Gulliver the dog. He was really nervous around anyone except family and barked a lot at people who were going in and out of the house. How wonderful to watch James and Gulliver's owner work with him and see him go from scared and not trusting to allowing new people to pet him and feeling good about it. By doing the Trust-technique the whole human family and animal family's lives will have changed for the better bringing more peace of mind to everyone. Beautiful to watch and see how powerful this technique is. Love it.

I just watched Holly and Lexi is Section 13 and the discussion at the end is so brilliant! I'm near speechless so I should write this later but it will keep me brief! This course is tying together so many of my thoughts and lessons and beliefs not just with animals but with life and people and myself. I want to take all the courses now which means I have to find a way to get to England! It is just so amazing and thoughtful. There is not enough thoughtful in the world. We need more regard! I can't say enough wonderful things!

Just finished watching for the second time the 7 videos of Ingrid and the dog Bella that she rescued from the streets of Katmandu. Wow. From the beginning James comes into find a very scared dog Bella that never new human kindness and to her humans were something to be frightened of and to stay clear of to a very happy Bella looking forward to walking with Ingrid and meeting other dogs and being pet and loved. So amazing what the trust-technique can do if we all just take the time to work with our animals. I keep thinking of what James says, Peace, patience and persistence. It is so lovely to see this. We also learn from using this technique how to be more loving, kind, non judgmental, caring and patient with ourselves. It surely shows me how to really really slow down myself and my thinking and bring peace to myself and the animals. Watching these videos always brings me to a really heartfelt place. Thank you James.

by Christine Engblom on Trust Technique Video Course

James & Shelley ~ I am so glad I took the Platinum free day and watched this extraordinary video! What I gained from watching you work with this amazing but deeply wounded lion was enough to take the next steps of learning to work more effectively with my own animals. I do understand now, in a deeper way than ever before, that it is our privilege to be invited into an animal's "space" and to facilitate their emotional healing. Watching Ares heal and go on to become the healthy being he is touched me to the core. I'm looking forward to learning so much more ~ I feel I have a long way to go. Thank you again for sharing your technique with us and not keeping it a secret!

by Marji Lee Pearson on Trust Technique Video Course

Just finished watching the videos again of Daisy the used to be noisy door answerer. The trust-technique is so helpful for the animals and the great by product is it also helps change the animals person too. It brings awareness to the humans about how their energy and being in turn affects their animal. Many people won't sit down to mediate for 20 plus minutes a day but can easily use the trust-technique in helping their animal and then as a by product receive much peace and relaxation within themselves. Who doesn't want that! As James says "Peace, patience and persistence." This is life changing for everyone. Love it.

by Marji Pearson on Trust Technique Video Course

Just finished watching agin the Katz Castle kittens and their mom videos. Loved seeing how they changed with James using the Trust Technique and how they started trusting and really loving being stroked. It is so wonderful. Loved seeing when the new owner of one of the kittens came in and how she was able to learn something about herself when interacting with her animals. Was a great aha when she got "I am thinking, cat isn't relaxing to I am at peace and cat is purring and eyes closed". Had tears in my eyes for the mom cat and the new owner and James helping the mom through losing her kitten and the gratitude and love the new owner had for the mother. Just love it. Thank you James.

Just finished watching again the first 6 videos of Bella and Grace at Hope Farms. It is so beautiful to see how they start to learn to feel good in the presence of humans and start to trust after going through such cruelty and neglect at the hands of humans. They are so forgiving. I love to watch how using the Trust Technique can make such a huge impact on the animals and how it also gives hope to the humans who are there to help them. I love learning this and thank you James for sharing this. Such a gift.

by Pauline Emery on Trust Technique Video Course

I've watched all the course and loved every minute and now I'm going back again (and again, and again). Just finished watching Zabbar the racehorse and it was quite amazing how quickly he accepted all the things that had previously stressed him, once you lowered his mind. I spent 16 years backing yearlings for the racing industry and always did it with kindness and patience but how I missed out! Oh James, where were you then???

I have had the pleasure to interact with rescue horses at This Old Horse for about 6 months. I did not understand at the time why I could settle a horse down by connecting to the ground as my wife explained to do. I started this program and watched the videos James has so eloquently put together. At first I wondered if I was doing the TT correctly. As I went further along James demonstrated and explained that I was doing it right by being in the moment and being patient. I have learned more how to read the horses better and not to give them more then they can handle. The further along I move in this program the more at ease and patient I become. My wife is amazed at the changes in our Boxers and how relaxed they have become. I appreciate the calmness that James exhibits and his demonstrations. I am looking forwards to visiting James to learn more and become a practitioner . There is so much that people and the animals can experience that they are now aware of. Thanks for your time in putting this amazing program together James. You have me smiling one moment and tears the next!

Just watched James with Bobby and Pudding. Oh my. I love the Trust Technique and was brought to tears of joy watching how trusting these horses became. They get to have a new lease on life, let go of their past and learn to trust again and just be horses. I am so grateful for these videos and how we can help change so many animals lives for the better.

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