Trust Technique Video Course Review

What is your overall opinion of the Trust Technique Video Course?

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What do our current members have to say?


This course has been a life changer for myself, my human family and my animal family. From the beginning, the way in which the "stages" of the technique was delivered and taught with such care and so succinct made the learning possible. Followed by the incredible case studies. Each case study attuned my learning and addressed situations so that the application of applying The Trust Technique to the unique being can be finely finessed. Meaning, see the unique individual and in that moment address the situation with the feel all while be in the mind/heart set of how can I better serve the being in front of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I plan to become a certified practitioner. Thank you James, Shelly and the staff for developing an online methodology and beautiful delivery of this practice. This is Oso at zero. He is a sensitive being. Aren't they all.

Brooke Grocke

I thought the course was incredibly thorough and detailed in demonstrating how to deliver the technique. The hours of video footage taken to aid students in the learning process is a real testament to James & Shelley and shows how dedicated they are in ensuring that the Trust Technique is delivered to the highest standards. This course has taught me so much about how my own state of mind effects my animals; an awareness which I now carry with me in my daily life and has helped me to shape a better, more intuitive and deeply connected relationship with them. Thank you James & Shelley for sharing this incredible and profound technique with us all. Truly life changing!


I learned to be a better listener for my dog and the importance of going at its pace, the power of gentleness, patience and perseverance to release patterns and create new ones .

this course is so inspirational that I want to go deeper and share this in the proper way. So I registered for the next step to become a practitioner of the TT and I am so happy to join the next winter practitioner train.


It modeled for me how to be in the present moment and be peaceful within myself. This in turn helped me and my animals come into better alignment with one another. I find that the meditative technique very easy to use throughout my day if I sense my energy level getting too high.


I loved this course! It is inspiring and practical. I can see the possibility of making the world a better place for animals and their people using the Trust Technique.