Trust Technique Video Course Review

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Oonagh Tanner

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. There have been so many benefits with our animals. The most precious has been a deepened heart connection with our dog Lara. We had been friendly flatmates, now it's so much more.

Carmel Featherstone

It has assisted me immensley with my relationships with people as well as delightful birds, animals and native animals. Sadly, my wonderful companions have all passed on before I knew about this course. My companions, I feel are with me whilst I am doing this course even though now in spirit form.
I am excited as the Teaches course, (not started yet) will empower me to spread the love, relationships and joy of being peaceful with all beings..
Living in Coogee, Western Australia, I am looking forward to sharing this delightful technique with the many humans and animals of all different types here. Thank you James and team for all the incredible videos. It is great to be able to go over them time and again.

Florence Loettgers

Amazing content, full of hope for the relationship between animal and human. Finally a point of view with kindness, love, compassion. This feel so normal, I'm wondering why this was never share before.

One of my cats changed his behaviour of obssesional feed every evening. I hope their fear of the ringbell will change too.

I've noticed that animals see me in different way, when I'm quiet inside around them.
It's sure, I want to add this way to my pratice with animals.

Thank you James and Shelley

Anita Stark

This course is taking my relationships with my dogs and horses to a new level. The true connection comes from being softer, gentler and more peaceful. I have not completed the full course as of yet but am seeing beautiful results with my 18 month old rescue pup who is reactive. He is learning to calm himself. With my horse, I have practiced gentler methods and I still can feel that there is more healing for him from the trauma he experienced in his first 5 years of his life. What I have gained insight into as a human is when you stated "if you have any doubt then it is important to clear that doubt within yourself". So I have been in the present moment practice of recognizing that doubt and healing myself with the Trust Technique. From this I can see how I can even bring more peace within myself and my horse and pups. Thank you James and Shelley.

Kira Klenke

Thank you for this course and your wonderful work. I am from Germany and started the course about 4 months ago and started to apply the technique on my 2 sheep.
first, I thought I am unable to learn the trust technique or that I did not understand it correct as (in the beginning and for quiet a while - several weeks!) I could see no reaction on my sheep at all.
I continued because James often said: "just continue and it will work sooner or later." so I did. The first I noticed was that my relationship to my sheep changed. We had been very close already before the course, but now I could connect better to "their whole being" and I could feel and see that they also connected on a deeper level with me.
They became much calmer, much less excited and greedy for food, and more patient just being/ standing with me.
Then I noticed the chewing and yawning (I had never seen them yawn in the 2 years before). Now, they obviously look forward to our daily trust technique-meditation together - they fall asleep while I am doing it, sometimes snoring and totally relaxed, and for me it is a great joy to be in this absolute peaceful "room" together with them.
it was worth being patient for 2-3 months.
James, thank you, for sharing your work in this way.
Greeting from Germany, Kira