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We thought it would be really cool to give you a glimpse of what we have been doing in a video!

In the video


  • Canada – Toronto – Ottawa, United States – NY – Long Island
  • Soi dog Foundation – Thailand
  • Australia – Victoria – NSW


We are delighted to share our new in-person teaching events for 2018

I Have A Dream Days

Canada – British Columbia  “1 Day” 16th June 2018

Magic Horse Garden

It is with great pleasure that we can introduce to you the Magic Horse Garden. A special place run by a special person, Dr Carolyn Mamchur. Carolyn is a certified therapist, able to use EAGALA Equine therapy methods in her consulting and work with those seeking healing through work with horses. Among many other skills is her passion for research which includes interspecies communication as a means of increasing empathy and awareness.
asking the question “what knowledge best enables us to take care of ourselves, one another and the creatures that inhabit our planet?”

Carolyn is studying as a Trust Technique Practitioner and both Shelley and I are looking forward to supporting and growing with her… starting right here with the I Have A Dream at the Magic Horse Garden!

USA  Arizona “1 day” 14th July 2018

Apache Springs Ranch

Is nestled in the high-desert wilderness of the Santa Rita Mountains, deep inside the Coronado National Forest. A stunning location with a beautiful intent of facilitating change in awareness for animals and people. We first met TJ at the first Trust Technique event at the Omega Institute, where she shared her vision which is now a purposeful reality. We are greatly looking forward to sharing at this special event.

5 Days Being With Animal

USA Omega Institute Rhinebeck, NY “5 Day” 30th Sept – 05th Oct 2018

We are teaching at the Omega Institute, for the third year running. This is a wonderful five-day experience based in the Hudson Valley New York.

This is a wonderful opportunity to really discover all aspects of the Trust Technique® as we delve into the main principles of the technique and demonstrate putting them into practice with rescued animals.

These five days allows us to share the details and experience in full and we can’t wait to be in the lovely environment of the Omega Institute once again.

We will be working with a stunning local rescue centre, mainly dogs and horses, in greater depth, all aspects of the Trust Technique®, including how the technique can be therapeutically beneficial for people too.

This is a great opportunity for those wishing to engage on this level, within a supportive and caring environment, and develop a greater understanding of the wider potential of the Trust Technique® in terms of self-healing, balance and peace.

These places are limited :)

Follow the link below

Absolutely wonderful to be in the generous and loving energy of James and Shelley . Having completed the Video course, I was very inspired by hearing the basics in a seamless format, including lots of new perspectives, and learnings. Observing the sessions with horses was invaluable for noticing many subtleties and nuances – in the animals’ behaviour and in James’s approaches and responses. I cherish this opportunity and would certainly attend another I Have A Dream Day just to be in this beautiful energy amongst such dedicated people. Thank you.

I am truly grateful to James and Shelly for making possible the 5 day trust technique at the omega institute in NY. Having done at least 8 other animal communication courses all in Europe I din’t know what to expect: it was really amazing and exactly what I needed to learn to progress on a spiritual path with animals. Generous in their teaching, walking the walk, doing the talk, a friend asked me if what I saw on the video course was real, yes, it is really real! I am truly grateful and feel so lucky to have witnessed the amazing connection, literally beyond words, possible between James, Shelly and animals, who never lie about energy and feelings. I have learnt so much from just being present, I came from Italy but feel like I went to the moon. Thank you thank you thank you.

Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for People with their Animals: Trust Technique Practitioner

Time flies with purpose. It’s hard to believe that the Level 3 Diploma is fast approaching its birthday! It’s been an incredible first year…

It’s no secret that the future of The Trust Technique is the sharing of this mindful approach to the animal-human connection. Nowhere is this feeling stronger than the formalised qualification, which teaches learners this depth and practicality of helping people with their animals.

The first year has been amazing with learners and practitioner spanning across 20 different countries. To deliver the qualification online means that those with a purpose and desire can engage from home at their own pace. It also means that for the first time people who do not speak English can also learn as bilingual practitioners expand in ways that we have not previously been able to, all very exciting!

This has inspired us to focus on looking at our own travel plans to really support these learners-practitioners. Bringing awareness through our teaching schedule.

Its also been a year of quality assurance and assessments with James being the main assessor and Shelley being the Internal quality assessor. It has been very rewarding to see the quality and confidence of the practitioners qualifying

All the hard work in the creation and constant nurture has a deep sense of purpose and reward and we look forward to sharing the future as it unfolds.

Let’s Come Together

What is an I Have A Dream Day?

We now have a total of 285 videos!

The Trust Technique Video Course is one of the best ways to learn the Trust Technique for you and your own animals and is constantly growing in content

Examples of dogs, horses, cats, Lions, Bears and a host of different tutorials

What has been added

  • Intent
  • Soi Dog Foundation

We have a couple of new sections in the video course the addition of

Section 19 Intent

Lovely set of video which was helping a horse that had a halter on which was way too tight and was growing into his face. This was with a semi-wild herd and we were under pressure re time as it was just before travelling to Canada.

It was so interesting seeing how the whole herd seemed to have had a role in the process.

We are looking forward to slowly filling this section of Intent … as its such a fundamental especially when we are working with peace of mind.

Section 20 Soi Dog

We have started the editing for Soi Dog. It was a great experience helping this wonderful organisation. We now have the first set of videos live, helping dog Augusta.

This will be followed by a set of videos of working with the Shy dogs an area specifically for nervous dogs.

Set of videos of teaching staff and volunteers

And a set of videos which we will keep as a surprise until we have finished the editing … oh what suspense!!

Not a video course member … follow the link Trust Technique Video Course

We want to take you travelling with us!

We would like to upload videos sharing the work that we do when we travel. These will be short videos sharing the stories of the animals we are helping.

Currently, we do the work and then there is a long process before the full stories are edited on the video course

This will be simple videos that capture the essence of our travels .. Just like the Wormwood scrubs video above. This helps you know what we are up to and the animals and people we are helping :)

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