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Sabine Meienberg-Kronenberg

Ich bin begeistert von der Trust Technique, wie die Tiere auf dies Technik reagieren ist wunderschön. Ich bin vor einigen Jahren auf diese Technik gestossen und war damals schon fasziniert, leider reichten meine Englisch Kenntnisse nicht aus für einen solchen Kurs, dank der Übersetzung konnte ich die Trust Technique doch noch kennenlernen . Wenn ich die Technik mach, komme ich selber in einen tiefen inneren Frieden .
Vielen , vielen Dank.

I’m blown away by the Trust Technique, the way the animals react is just beautiful! I discovered this technique years ago, but my English was not sufficient for the course, thanks to the translations I could learn the Trust Technique at last! When I practise I feel a deep inner peace.
Thank you so much!


Thank you very much James and Shelley for this exciting and fascinating introduction to your work. I am glad that one of my students told me about the Trust Technique a week ago so that I can now start to discover its possibilities.


I was thrilled with the course, and I’m so glad I’ve come across James, Shelley and The Trust Technique. I found Messages of Trust to be very inspirational! Now I have a deeper understanding of how it works, I believe that not only will my puppy and other dogs benefit hugely, but I will benefit hugely also. It is a lovely, gentle, peaceful process and it just feels so right. I look forward to learning more.


I’m thrilled to have encountered this program as it is in alignment with my program but with some wonderful ability to place the spiritual work into words! Now that’s difficult and has helped immensely to convey the process to others. On a personal level, my family and I have experienced waves of losses and I have had to close down our program to heal and regroup. I am not sure how I came across James and Shelly but I feel the Universe brought them to me to give me that leg up to restart again. Now considering the practitioner program as my next step but so enjoying the process of self healing and helping all my animals to heal as well by applying the techniques for healing the emotional feelings we have experienced collectively. Love the way James teaches it and makes it accessible to all.


This is a very powerful technique which I am starting to use in my daily life, especially with my anxious dog, Maddie. It is still early days in using the technique but I can feel how powerful it is and I look forward to learning more and brining the peace into every day of life.