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Michael Johnson

Not sure who benefits more, me or my animals!

Blandine Grillot

It is an extraordinary method, which elevates our consciousness, not only in the relationship with animals, but in all of our relationships, and in life in general. Being present, aware, listening, patient, responsible and grateful are basic principles of great wisdom, easy to state, difficult to really put into practice. With perseverance and patience, we can get there better and better, and develop greater confidence, in oneself, towards animals and in life as it is presently.
A big thank you in any case to James French for sharing and transmitting this wonderful technique.

C’est une méthode extraordinaire, qui élève notre conscience, pas seulement dans la relation avec les animaux, mais dans l’ensemble de nos relations, et dans la vie en générale. Etre présent, conscient, à l’écoute, patient, responsable et reconnaissant, sont des principes de base d’une grande sagesse, facile à énoncer, difficile à mettre réellement en pratique. Avec persévérance et patience, on peut y arriver de mieux en mieux, et développer une plus grande confiance, en soi, en vers les animaux et en la vie telle qu’elle se présente dans l’instant.
Un grand Merci en tous cas à James French de partager et de transmettre cette merveilleuse technique.

Debborah White

My flighty (lots of early trauma) cat came through the cat flap as I was watching video 3. Using just an idea of what was being spoken about, she became really snuggly (she’s usually loving, but not snuggly). I then went on to the first meditation video and she began cleaning herself, something she’d normally only do in a space where she’s safely alone. Wow! I’m in awe. Also, just listening to the premise and ethos, and James’s calm, connected voice, helped me to connect very deeply with myself (like I was one of the horses!). Amazing! So excited and grateful to have been able purchase the video course 💗

Stephen Murphy

I understand the need for the silent times as you get to know your animal, and that any sudden movements should be avoided. I have always stood in front of any new horse, stared into its eyes for a few ( I get a feeling when) minutes and then raised one arm very slowly in its line of sight and rub my palm on its cheek as i talk with it. Each movement it makes, i will make one or say something. I always put my forehead on its head ( after about at least 5/10 mins). This something that has not let me down getting to know any horse. So all you have written and said i agree with. I think that more people should know about this as nothing can beat the personal touch ( mind and feel). I enjoyed the videos. Thank you

Wendy Browning

A fantastic introduction to The Trust Technique. This course is easy to follow & packed full of content. I very much enjoyed it & would highly recommend it. James & Shelley do the most fantastic work & I can’t wait to learn more.