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Beautiful course, thank you. it really encapsulates the sense and purpose of why the Trust Technique exists. I have gifted this course to a friend with dogs of their own. Having completed the video course I am now ready to get started with the ACT and the Practitioner course. There is such a need for healing in this world, both animals and humans, and this such a gentle yet so effective way of connecting and healing, I am truly grateful to have come across TT and to be soon able to put it into practice myself.


Thank you for making this message in a very clear, pedagogic way. I will listen to it again. I recommend your online video course (that I am in the middle in) and spread your technique with great love.

melissa warren

Thank you once again… I have already completed the video course, this was a short memory jog of all that is taught, and still, I learnt more again & found more motivation from Messages of Trust. Keep up the fantastic work & please come back to Australia. 🙂

Barb Vince

I have been a follower of The Trust Technique and James French for a couple of years or so now. I have decades of experience with raising horses, teaching them and their people. When I came upon this method I thought ” THIS IS IT!”, this is the missing link in my never ending search for true communication with horses. I signed up immediately for the On Line Membership. Over the last couple of years I have had amazing results with my horses and suggest to my students to research and learn more about The Trust Technique. I will certainly be gifting my new students with the Messages of trust I just watched, its spectacular and so easy to follow. Will open more minds of horse people and the hearts of their horses. Thank you for putting it all together and I look forward to more learning and trusting! possibilities I am dreaming for…


Love this. Just as the video course, very inspiring and so touching. Thank you for this and your great teaching!