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I am new to the Trust Technique.
It had been recommended to me by an existing video course member and I have found it very inspiring.
My day to day work as a Pet Sitter brings me in to contact with many different animals, some of which are very timid. I am definitely going to explore the video course as it offers such wonderful possibilities and is so gentle.
Thank you for sharing the Message of Trust.

Sabrina Mueller-Wuesthoff

This messages really sum up the essence of your teachings and give a quick but yet very delicate insight to what the Trust Technique can be. For us humans in connection to our animals but also in connection to ourselves. Yes, it is a journey and it is worth getting on 🙂


I absolutely loved it. Even though there is so much in the course – The Trust Technique, but this added so much more to it, more on a personal level that was just wonderful. Please feel free to make more of these short but enriching courses.

Judith Tyrer

Wow!! Thank you so much James and Shelley for your love, time and development of this amazing course, really reiterates and cements all the learning of the Video Course and Practitioners Course.
I am so privileged to be part of the journey of helping people and their animals and enjoying every minute of it and not to forget how much this has helped me develop and grow. This technique is so needed in our world today.
With much love and gratitude for all the knowledge and learning you provide and the help you give to animals worldwide , truly amazing.
Judith x

Cheryl Kane

As a practitioner of Yoga, Messages of Trust reminds me why I practice: Not to be physically healthier or to cause my life to run a bit more smoothly, although these are definite benefits, but to experience my oneness with all sentient beings. This is the essential teaching of the Trust Technique, and it actually gives us a way to experience this connection, with the help of our beloved animals. It works.