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Danke für die Erinnerung dessen, was wir letztlich alle in uns haben. Die Tiere spiegeln in wunderbarer Weise das, woran wir selbst arbeiten können.

Thank you for remembering what we all ultimately have inside of us. The animals miraculously reflect what we can work on ourselves.

Barbara Nunner

Ich bin so dankbar für die wertvollen und transformierenden Inhalte alleine aus den Einführungsvideos. Unglaublich welch tiefe Wahrheiten hier kostenfrei geteilt werden!

I am so grateful for the valuable and transforming content from the introductory videos alone. It’s unbelievable what deep truths are shared here!


My knowledge and understanding of The Trust Technique so far is amazing! The videos of Ares (in addition to all of the others) are mind-blowing and so emotional. Really beautiful and give me so much hope for animals in this very harsh and often cruel world. I am so very excited to continue working with my rescue Border Collie (my baby) in removing the fear, aggression and anxiousness she has around strangers as a result of her experiences so far in her 3 years of life. Thank you, James and Shelley.

Trina Eastwood

I wish this was common knowledge… beautifully presented…. Can’t wait to learn more.

Jared-Aadam Richardson

The Trust Technique is the most quintessential example of the New Earth (Airia) co-operative based mutually beneficial ascension based energy exchange where you can literally watch each species help each other to build stronger DNA by repairing those aetheric and emotional wounds… The transformation is truly awe-inspiring to watch the spirit of an animal grow into itself with joy and passion for living once again… James and The Trust Technique are literally redefining mankind’s relationship to animals and if you pay attention it will improve your relationships with all life on Airia…