Leysa Henderson


Works in person and online with Both Domestic & Large Animals
Based in Berkshire


I have an eclectic career as a teacher, painter, author of children’s eco-adventure stories as well as a qualified Trust Technique practitioner and Trust Technique assessor.

Over the last two years, I have worked with hundreds of clients using the technique to help puppies, horses, rescue animals and animals who’ve lost their way that are suffering from separation anxiety, fear aggression, have become shut down, noise reactivity, guarding or dealing with trauma. The client is an essential component to the healing process, and so many of them have reported how much the technique has improved their lives too.

I love seeing the peace brought to the animals and humans through it and the learnings they take while building trust and deepening relationships. This is a dream profession.

The process is an exciting and a well needed revolution to enhance animal welfare.

The recovery of nature is vital to our wellbeing so I volunteer with many of the local wildlife charities to research what exists and restore habitat to improve local biodiversity. Along the way I’ve organised an art, music and science festival: Our Changing Earth to educate the local community about our natural environment through the power of storytelling and creative workshops.

I strongly believe our animals are our true companion which is why I volunteer with the Cinnamon Trust to look after vulnerable people’s animals up until the end.

Also, over the years, I’ve trained in personal performance coaching, have a masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Reiki as well as working in education for many years. These qualifications and experiences stand alongside many other courses which have developed, nourished and enhanced my practice.

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Berkshire, United Kingdom