Hanneke Veldstra


Works in person with Domestic Animals
Based in Heerde, Gelderland

Bio: For me, when I first learned about the Trust Technique in 2019, it was a life-changing discovery.
A trust-based technique to work with all kinds of animals with all kinds of issues in a non-dominant way. This was the start of my journey to become a Trust Technique Practitioner, with my brave little Romanian stray dog on my side as my guide, mirror and walking example of the effects of the Trust Technique!

We, as well as our animals, live in a world that can be quite challenging sometimes.
As a Trust Technique Practitioner, I’d love to help you and your animal regain peace of mind, which we then use to interpret your animal’s issue(s) from a more peaceful perspective.
Whilst working on your animal’s specific issues with a shared calmer mind, you learn to truly listen to each other and a stronger connection will grow between you both, based on trust and confidence.

~ It only takes one to make a change ~

~ Consultations in Dutch 🇳🇱  & English 🇬🇧



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Heerde, Gelderland