Sophie Fukutome


Works in person and online with Domestic & Large Animals
Based in Uster, Switzerland
Henrichemont, France

Bio: The Trust Technique brings together my love and empathy for animals, my practice of martial arts, and my experience as a scientist.

In martial arts, I learned that the body expresses itself before the mind has spoken, so that honing perception skills helps imagine new, alternative outcomes to defuse the situation.

I learned from science to distinguish between evidence and speculation, and to keep looking, with all my attention, despite the laziness of the know-it-all mind. Every situation is new, even those we think we know. In this sense, all animals fascinate me, and especially yours.

With your patience, kindness, and persistence, I can guide you, with the help of the Trust Technique, in shaping a new path for your animal.

I speak English, French, German, and Italian. I am located most of the time in Uster, Canton Zurich, Switzerland, but can also do consultations in France in the vicinity of Henrichemont (near Bourges, Cher). I am open to online consultations.

Website: Under construction

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Uster, Switzerland