Animal Communication

Discover these easy to use, tried and tested methods that open a new perspective on understanding an animal’s emotions.

Animal Communication Suite Upgrade

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Understand how your animal is feeling

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Elizabeth Kelbie

Thank you James and Shelley
I thoroughly appreciate and I am truly grateful to be part of the course, your kindness and patience
I wish you could teach this method to help veterans and ex-service personal.
I would like to share something: I used to volunteer and the tin can bay dolphin Centre in QLD Australia
The Dolphins are Indo pacific humpback dolphins
When they say dolphins and whales look into your soul they really do and they really do communicate with you
While I was standing in the water with the dolphins I watched as they brought things out of the ocean to show people how they were disrespecting there home.
I watched the connection with a lady that was pregnant and witnessed the connection with babies rubbing there rostrum on their feet and the amazing connection with anyone with special needs etc. and theses are wild dolphins I believe animals are amazing teachers they teach us that we don’t need filters just feel
This is how I felt doing this communication.
I look forward to starting the next course
Love and Blessings to you both Elizabeth

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Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful way of communication 😊

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Giulia Maury

I have to start by saying a huge thank you to James and Shelly for this amazing opportunity, communicating with animals is a dream I have had since childhood and now I feel it is within reach.
I tried my first communication with a dog, the feelings were very subtle but I took the advice to not doubt what I got and write it all down. I expected it to be all wrong when I finished, but I asked for the feedback on it anyway , and the first response I got from the dog’s human was “WOW!” most of the information I got was right and even some of the things I didn’t write down because I thought they were too far fetched turned out to be right.
Some of the information was very precise: the spot where he eats, that he had pain in his left hind paw, that he was feeling empathy for the pain in his human’s left shoulder and neck, that he was very friendly with the cat that lives with him, his favourite game…. I could go on… this is amazing! Now I have to see if I got an accurate reading of my communication with a lovely chicken… watch this space!

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Sue Oliver

It is hugely helpful to be able to listen to these over and over again, especially the harder parts like finding my special place which I have found really difficult, then inviting the animal in.
I currently look after a Highland mare called Kara and I just can’t get on to her thought pattern – I try to be open and receptive but so far she’s having none of it. However, this course enables me to go back over the difficult parts as often as I need and I hope that I can build up sufficient trust between us to enable her to show me what is making her gnash her teeth at me (she does it with other people too – she just doesn’t seem to have trust in any of us). I won’t give up on her and this course will help me.

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Thank you so much. It was a wonderful course and I’m so happy 😁!

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