Animal Communication

Discover these easy to use, tried and tested methods that open a new perspective on understanding an animal’s emotions.

Animal Communication Suite Upgrade

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Understand how your animal is feeling

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Jo Farrell

I really enjoyed the afternoon session, although I have a long way to go. Practise, practise, practise

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What wonderful human beings James and Shelley are! If only there were more people like them in the world. You can feel James’s love for animals from beginning to end. The way he teaches is genuine and open. He breaks down everything and makes it so easy to understand and replicate. I am also working on the Trust Technique, which is absolutely wonderful, but so far I have communicated with 6 animals, including 2 who are passed on. I am loving it and I want to take this further to help and teach other people how to do it. If more people could feel what the animals feel, I think there would be less animal abuse in the world. I want to help spread the message. Thank you James, Shelley and team for the wonderful work you do!

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Tansy Moon

Thank you Trust Technique .
Eternally grateful . So clear .

Karen Perkins

Spot-on. Wherever this leads will help to bring about more understanding, help, healing. Thank you James, Shelley and the rest of the team for this opportunity.

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Giulia Maury

I absolutely love this course! This is my second testimonial, about the second animal I communicated with, unfortunately I have not done as many sessions as I would like to have done by now because I am dedicating my spare time to the TT Video Course which I am also loving and which is having a wonderful effect on my dogs (and me!). The second animal I chose to communicate with was a pretty hen. The information I gathered was much less forthcoming and had less detail than what I received from the dog I connected with on my first try. She seemed a very happy and well balanced hen who did not appear to have too much to tell me, though what I did get from her was accurate, I was told. With this one I felt I could have guessed much of what I got from the photo I had of her, so had it been my first communication I may have been discouraged. I am saying this only to encourage others, who may be reading this, not to give up if the first try doesn’t convince you. Keep trying and write it all down! I am confident anyone can get great results!

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