Animal Communication

Discover these easy to use, tried and tested methods that open a new perspective on understanding an animal’s emotions.

Animal Communication Suite Upgrade

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Understand how your animal is feeling

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Louise Atkinson

This was certainly a fascinating course. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I have always been skeptical about animal communications but this a) really worked and b)didn’t insist that you were talking to the animal, but to the essence of it and the feelings that we do pick up on.
The info I received from the pictures was incredible, and if I just went with it and wrote it down it became quite accurate!
Thank you.

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Heidi – Haydée

This is a FANTASTIC TEACHING ! I am adding my name to the long list of people expressing gratitude, even though ironically I grieve and deplore the loss of in-person teaching and learning opportunities that have been displaced by the internet since 2020. I have to say thank you thank you thank you for doing the work to teach, and to translate your teaching to the online setting. One more note, there have been aspects to my life that have been difficult. These teachings bring reassurance, hope, and comfort to the most patient, long suffering, neglected parts of me. I feel very very motivated to practice, bring the reassurance to others.

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Mariana Ines

I truly loved the content, the pace and the reassuring voice of James who guides you, like in a dance, through the steps.

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James, Shelley, and everybody else in and around this course,thank you. I loved it greatly. Through both, the audio files and the live workshop, it is easy to go back and review every module for better understanding. It was a great learning experience, which I thoroughly cherish! ❤️

Mariana Ines

Thank you for such a deep and committed guide. I’ve been able to dive into it and glide in the calm waters of our deep being, connecting with the animals.

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