Trust Technique Video Course Review

What is your overall opinion of the Trust Technique Video Course?

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What do our current members have to say?

Jo Kuhl

Before becoming a Trust Technique member 5 months ago I really believed that the relationship I had with my dog couldn’t be any closer but I was wrong. The technique is easy to learn, very effective and quite humbling. The videos are great - when you watch James working with the animals it’s very touching to see them letting go of their past fears or other negative emotions. Im finding this membership site so rewarding as I can see exactly where and how the money is being used and at the same time Im learning the technique. Thank you James for sharing this knowledge. Helping rescue animals to restore their trust, whilst also teaching others to help even more animals, is a wonderful gift.


Ive been using TT with my 4yo GSD Lexie. Shed competed in Working Trials for 3 months when she was given homeopathic pulsatilla by our vet to increase the time between her seasons. An unexpected side-effect was that she lost her sense of smell & tracking was impossible. I continued entering her for competitions until I realised. She was puzzled and unhappy not to be able to do as I asked her. When her sense of smell returned I restarted her from scratch & she enjoyed it again - except at competitions. I used TT to calm her & give her good thoughts about tracking- its restored her confidence & shes now competing happily. Its also great for calming dogs before a downstay. Thanks James


I started using the Trust Technique about 3 months ago with my 6 year old dog, Milly, who has always had a lot of problems with things that scare her and which makes her behaviour a problem. Nothing we have done so far has made any lasting difference. I have now worked daily with Milly using the TT and we are seeing great changes in her. I am able to calm her in situations that previously freaked her out and she is now learning that scary things are not always so bad. I feel she is able to learn better now. Also her relationship with us has deepened and improved. She now tends to look to me when she is in a situation which makes her anxious, which is a real change. We are on the way...!


Although I have only learnt the first stage of the trust technique I must say it has had the most amazing effect on my horses and our relationship. I cant help feeling slightly ashamed that Ive not listened to or understood my animals completely and that theyve not been able to have complete trust in me although Ive loved them and theyve always been OK. Thanks to the Trust Technique I now feel a bond has been sealed, especially with one horse that was given to me with temperament problems. I understand her better, we share time in the present and she is not defensive anymore. She has let her barriers down, become more affectionate and, in turn, I trust her more too. I am so grateful, Bev.


We have to work with nervous horses every day and we are so happy that we have learnt a way to treat them that involves no fear or force and where the animal is listened to. There is no chance of being kicked or dragged around, no need for halters and ropes and pressue which so often is harsh and punishes the horse. Our horses and ponies are much more relaxed and we can read them better, Rosie is still doing great every day and is almost ready to have a headcollar on happily after 2 years or being so frightened that she would regularly rear up at me and it took me nearly an hour each time. Now i can appoach her in the field and rub her ears 🙂 the best thing i have ever learnt 🙂 sophie