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I loved this. thank you so much for the information. thinking about going on to the video course and the animal communication. I'll have to save up for


I have an 8 month old German Shepherd and have been taking him to dog training classes but this course made me realise I was purely using a ‘boss’ type relationship with him thinking about pack dominance. This helped my see things from my dogs perspective. I realised, I would not take this approach in building my relationship with another human so why am I doing it with my dog. It’s was a light bulb moment for me. I became more present in my thinking and focused on him instead of everything else in my world. I realised most of his overthinking was fear of the world and to help him by reassuring him not shouting “No!” Which didn’t help anyway. I can honestly say it’s already had an immediate impact and he’s become more calm and less reactive and even when he is, I’m practicing bringing him out of his overthinking quicker rather than making it worse by shouting. Fabulous Course, highly recommended


TRUST TECHNIQUE est l'outil qui me permet de ne plus tourner en rond dans ma vie et de réaliser mon rêve le plus cher, c'est-à-dire l'Unité avec le Vivant.

Je n'avance pas très vite parce que je cherche à mettre en application au fur et à mesure, surtout qu'il y a beaucoup d'animaux à la maison et de nombreuses situations à améliorer !! Et comme je suis française et que je n'aime pas lire les sous-titres, j'écoute autant de fois qu'il le faut pour comprendre directement la pensée de son auteur à sa source !!
Cette formation donne tout simplement une dimension nouvelle à ma vie !!! MERCIIII

TRUST TECHNIQUE is the tool that allows me to stop going in circles in my life and to realize my dearest dream, that is to say Unity with the Living.

I'm not moving very quickly because I'm trying to implement things as I go, especially since there are a lot of animals at home and many situations to improve!! And since I'm French and I don't like reading subtitles, I listen as many times as necessary to directly understand the author's thoughts at the source!!
This training simply gives a new dimension to my life!!! THANK YOU


it is already massively change my life! gratitude...


Excellent so simple, love every moment of it, thank you so much.